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Gregory Sweeney, underwater photographer arranges and hosts exciting photo safaris and wildlife adventures. If you are interested in swimming with whale sharks in Isla Mujeres Mexico, photographing sailfish on the sardine run in the Gulf of Mexico, scuba diving cageless with tiger sharks, or photographing manatees please explore our site.

a schedule of photography tours

Scuba with Great Hammerheads & Bull Sharks

January 25th - 31st 2015

2 spaces left

Swim with Whalesharks & Giant Mantas

July 13 - 18 & July 18 - 23 2015

2 spaces 1st week,

4 spaces 2nd week

Tiger Shark Cageless Dive

March 5 - 11 2016

2015 sold out

2016 - 3 Spaces

ask about 2017

Manatee Swim and Photography Workshop

February 7 - 12 2015

Sold Out

Swim with Humpback Whales

August 2016

limit of 6 guests

Photograph Sailfish

Dec & Jan 2015

spaces available

Wild Dolphin Swim Cruise

June 20 - 26 2015

3 spaces left


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Swimming with Whale Sharks and Giant Manta Rays Charter

July is quickly approaching and I am looking forward to getting out there with the guests and doing some snorkeling with the whale sharks. It is my hope that the large number of manta rays will also be present as they were last year. In July, check out my Blog: GregorySweeney.Photography. Read my trip log from 2014's Whale Shark Trip to Isla Mujeres

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New Images in my Gallery - images are available for purchase as striking prints on Metal!Gallery of Underwater and Safari Images.

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Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for an exciting 2015.

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Its almost here! Scuba Dive with Great Hammerheads and Bulls Sharks in the beautiful waters of Bimini Island , Bahamas January 2015

Bimini has emerged as one of the best places on the planet to dive with hammerheads; a most amazing predator. For a limited time each year, the hammerhead sharks frequent a area where deep water meets the shallow sand bottom reef area just off the coast of Bimini. Our experienced dive guides have discovered the secrets of the hammerheads and where they congregate. Atypical of hammerheads, the sharks in Bimini are willing to come close to divers allowing close up encounters and great photos opportunities.


January 2015. Get Details about this All Inclusive package

link to Great Hammerhead Trip
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