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Our finest reward is creating lasting happy memories for our guests

We go out of our way to make sure guests have an exciting adventure and feel a personal connection to the wildlife and places we visit. It is nice to know when we have met these goals.


Tiger/Hammerhead Sharks 2019

Thank you for organising a great trip with wonderful company. Also thank you for your travel planning advise - it worked perfectly.

-Henning, Denmark Denmark


Tiger/Hammerhead Sharks 2019

Looking forward to catch up and share the next adventure….. . (Neils shared this trip with his son

-Neils , Denmark Denmark


Tiger/Hammerhead Sharks 2019

Thank you for a wonderful trip. I hope to be able to join you again maybe in 2021.

-Sean , California USA


Tiger/Hammerhead Sharks 2019

Thanks a bunch greg I had a blast

-Brent , Ottawa Canada


Tiger/Hammerhead Sharks 2019

Thank you for an exciting and very well organized trip. I look forward to going on this trip again or others with you in the future.

-Sergey , Germany Germany


Tiger/Hammerhead Sharks 2019

" This was an amazing trip - everything was well organized and done with the guests in mind. Thanks, until the next trip with you...

-Bob , California USA


Sailfish 2019

" This was a great trip and I had lots of time in the water with the sailfish. You and the crew were very helpful "

-Jan , Azores USA


Sailfish 2019

Great trip, you picked the right crew. Everyone was great and the sailfish really put on a show!

-Ken , Missouri USA


Polar Bears 2018

" I had an amazing time. Enjoyed meeting everyone. YOUR trips are always the best. You are Amazing! "

-Jennifer, Michigan USA


Polar Bears 2018

" thank you Greg (Sweeney) and Karen for another amazing wildlife trip "

-Ken, Missouri USA


Polar Bears 2018

" Thanks Greg. Nice meeting you. The trip was fun "

-Matt, New Jersey USA


Polar Bears 2018

" I had the most wonderful time. Your planning is top notch and you always kept us well informed. And I loved our companions who were loads of fun. "

-Donna, Minnesota USA


Polar Bears 2018

" Thank you for your usual insight, energy and patience on this trip. It was another winner. I hope to see you soon. "

-Michael, New Jersey USA


Crocodiles 2018

It was a great adventure shared with great new friends. I am completely smitten with crocs "

-Heidi, California USA


Whale Sharks 2018

Epic trip. Thanks for organizing this. Thanks for the pictures it was a great group of people and I am sure we will travel again soon "

-Alex, New Zealand USA


Whale Sharks 2018

Thanks for a fantastic trip - it was beyond what I imagined. I did not expect so many whale sharks and to get so close to everything. "

-Howard, Hawaii USA


Whale Sharks 2018

What a great trip I had. Thank you for the photos of me with the whale sharks. I did not realize until talking to people on the ferry that we were so lucky to get whale sharks together with mantas and so many. Not everyone does so thank you for the effort. "

-Sheila, FloridaUSA

J Decker

Tiger Sharks & Hammerheads 2018

Thanks for the images and thank you for a great trip. We really enjoyed ourselves. We loved the sharks as well as the group we were travelling with. "

-Jim,British ColumbiaCanada

Ken Sutherland

Tiger Sharks & Hammerheads 2018

Thanks for the images of me. Had a great trip: good weather, great people, good food, unbelievable shark action. "

-Ken, British ColumbiaCanada

Allister Brookes

Tiger Sharks & Hammerheads 2018

Thanks so much for the great trip. Thank you also for the photos cool touch. I got great shots just trying to figure out Lightroom and photoshop so I can get images like ones below. I hope to join you soon on another adventure "

-Allister, WashingtonUS

Howard Chen

Tiger Sharks & Hammerheads 2018

Thanks It was an Awesome trip "

-Howard, HawaiiUS


Tiger Sharks & Hammerheads 2018

thanks for the pictures! They remind me of the nice trip we had! I am back inside another ocean: an ocean of troubles and problems at work and our tigers and hammerheads seem so far away.... Pity .... "

-Sergey, Washington DCUS


Tiger Sharks & Hammerheads 2018

I always have a great dive trip with you. Thank you. So many sharks this year - it was the best trip. "

-Yuko, JapanUS

Chris Mead

Polar Bears 2017

Thank you for another great trip. It was great to see the polar bears and arctic wildlife from both a tundra vehicle and van to be sure we covered the most area. The group was a fun combo of people. See you soon on another trip!

-Chris, AustraliaUS

Don Silcock

Crocodiles & Whale Sharks 2017

Both trips were great and exceeded my expectations, which I am really pleased about given the distances involved in doing them…. I also had a great laugh and learned a few new jokes too

-Don Silcock, NSW AustraliaUS

Helen and Dan

Crocodiles 2017

Thanks so much for these, Gregory. We really had an amazing time and really enjoyed both the adventure and the company. I’m still going through my photos. Hope to dive with you again soon

-Helen & Dan, CaliforniaUS

William and Mary

Whale Sharks 2017

Thanks for the images, they are great! We had a great time with you last week and have a few images that turned out ok. Underwater photography definitely is a work in progress for me.

-William and Mary, St Louis MOUS

Chad Swartz

Whale Sharks 2017

Thanks for the photos. Great trip! I am looking forward to the African trip next year with you!

-Chad, CaliforniaUS

Ken Shew

Whale Sharks 2017

Thanks for the photos of me, appreciate it , thanks Greg. Good times once again. See you next time.


Don Conant

Crocodiles 2017

Hi Greg, had a fantastic trip, Wish I could have done the whale shark trip, looks like you had great success. Hopefully will meet up on another trip sometime

-Don, CanadaCanada

Rick Beldegreen

Crocodiles 2017

hank you for organizing a great trip.

-Rick, North CarolinaUSA

Yukari Sato

Whale Sharks 2017

Thank you so much for this summer's adventure and being a great leader for me and for everyone. I had a great time with you as usual. Hope to get together soon.

-Yukari, JapanJapan

Jennifer Z

Whale Sharks 2017

Had a great time, but glad to get home from my awesome adventures. Thanks so much for the images… It truly tells a story when you can see how small we are compared to the beautiful “gentle giants.” We had an awesome time! My son Owen loved every moment of it. Hope to definitely join you again on another adventure!

-Jennifer and son Own, MichiganUSA


Tiger Sharks and Hammerheads 2017

Thankyou for the hospitality during the shark trip. I really enjoyed the trip and thank you for the photos of me

-Kayoko Hirabayoshi, JapanJapan

Chris Rudman

Tiger Sharks and Hammerheads 2017

We had a great time meeting new people and diving with the sharks. I was really thrilled iwth my photos. Looking forward to Africa next year with you.

-Chris, FloridaUSA

Dave Lewis

Sailfish 2017

Had a great time in the water and topside. And, I salute your restaurant selections! I'll be back for more... you're a topnotch guide and host. I will be back for more. It was heaven.......the sea gods conspired with a full spawning moon and filled the water with so many eggs that the manta were swimming upside down in rapture while swallowing masses of eggs. Thank you.

-Dave Lewis, Pennsylvaniaus

John Johnson

Sailfish 2017

Thank YOU Greg for leading an epic adventure!

-John, Hawaiius


Sailfish 2017

I had a wonderful time. I'm really thankful to you.

-Aiko Shimao, JapanJapan


Sailfish 2017

Thank you for your kindness and hospitality!! I really enjoyed !! We will never forget swimming with sailfish. I'm looking forward to seeing you in Africa!!

-Yoshizumi & Risa Shiono, Japanus


Sailfish 2017

We all appreciate your kind cooperation extended to us during our stay at Isla Mujeres. Wishing you a pleasant stay as well as fantastic underwater encounters! See you again.

-Hiroichi Nakamura, JapanJapan


Sailfish 2017

Thanks for everything - another great trip!

-Al Rector, USAus


Sailfish 2017

We just wanted to thank you for a great week. We had a wonderful time and really appreciate all the hard work it took to make it run so smoothly. We enjoyed the group and have some cool photos and video to show friends and family. Thanks for a brilliant week, we loved every minute of it!

-Helen Brierley & Daniel McGanty, Californiaus

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